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Employee leasing

Rules of employee leasing

Employee leasing is the service of hiring employees by the Employment Agency for working in workplace of Employer User. Employee leasing has the following consequences:

1. Employees enter into an employment relationship only with Manpower Agency (Working Project Sp. z o.o.). As a result, the employer user does not have any obligations that are incumbent on employers.

2. Employer user is not burdened with the need to keep personnel records related to the settlement of social insurance.

3. Employment costs are calculated in a clear and transparent manner. Basis for settlement is number of employees hired by Employer user and number of hours worked for a Company with the hourly rate. Once a month, Employer user also receives a collective invoice for the services.
4. Working Project Sp. z o.o. bears full responsibility for the legality of work of a person employed in Poland.


Our employees

All foreign employees of our company have a communicative knowledge of English. This language is also preferred for communication and when performing official duties. Employees recruited by the Working Project Sp. z o.o. come mainly from countries such as Nepal, India and Bangladesh.

Our employees’ motivation to work is very high, because our country is a chance for a better life for them. Our Employees are often interested in working overtime. Overtime rates are the same as for full-time hours. Hourly rates of our employees depend on the experience and qualifications of the person. The cost of employing a single employee starts from  45.00 PLN per hour plus VAT tax.  The Employer user undertakes to provide the necessary equipment to carry out tasks.  Employer user provides work clothing and training in accordance with current labor law requirements. Employer user have the option of employing an employee directly in his company. In this case, he is obliged to make a remuneration for each person directly employed.

In the event of disatisfaction with the work results of a given employee, Employer user may request the replacement of an employee with another person. This employee will got similar qualifications and professional experience.

Recruitment of employees outside the Republic of Poland

If Employee Leasing is not the right solution for you, it is also possible to order employees abroad who will eventually be directly employed by Employer user. In this case, between Working Project Sp. z o.o. and the Customer is signed a contract for the provision of consulting services.

The cost of acquiring a single employee on a foreign labor market starts from the amount of 1,500 PLN net success fee. This renumeration will be paid at the time of recruitment and relocation of the employee to the Employer user enterprise.

Legalization of work of foreign employees in Poland

We provide consultancy services related to employment formalities employees from outside the European Union in Poland.

Employment in Poland

The Polish labor market is becoming an increasingly attractive place for employees from outside the European Union. Our employees can count on a salary of PLN 2,700 gross per month. Foreign employment agencies interested in cooperation in sending employees from outside the EU to Poland are invited to contact us by email:

Immigration services for foreigners

We offer professional immigration services for foreigners:

Work permit

We offer support in obtaining a work and residence permit for a foreigner.  As well we offer permanent and temporary residence permits. Our offer is addressed to foreigners interested in obtaining a work permit in Poland or a residence card. We are ready to employ foreigners from outside the EU and find them work in Poland. In order to find out about current job offers for foreigners, please contact us at

Legalization of work (for entrepreneurs)

Our services are dedicated to entrepreneurs who have problems with the legalization stay and work of their workers.  We provide professional advice in all aspects.

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